The Covenants Pastoral Care Services is new to The Word House, Inc./Focus Consultation Services, as it is entirely Pastoral and Biblical in basis.

It differs from other services, in that it is not clinical, rather PASTORAL in nature, employing only the Holy Bible as basis for offered counsel and guidance.  The very same issues are addressed, only from a more Pastoral perspective.

Covenants Pastoral Care Services are self-funded, private pay, and thus not eligible for insurance reimbursement.

"Revitalize and Refresh,"  a Marriage Intensive is a unique offering of Covenants Pastoral Care Services, offering couples a guided weekend of reconnection, alone with God, themselves and each other.

Covenants Pastoral Care Services also include:

  • Couples Counsel
  • Personal Individualized Counsel
  • Pre-, Current, and Post-Marital Care
  • Marriage and Family Seminars and Educational Offerings
  • "Revitalize and Refresh" Marriage Intensives